Company database

vernostChoose a list of companies exactly according to your demand. Input target group or what data you are interested in, we will create a database matching precisely your needs.

Our database contains information about all companies in the Czech Republic. All data are actualised in several days up to a maximum of one month. Every week we check for new subjects, companies who got into decline and many more changes. In total we monitor 37 specifics for each company.



Why B2B data:

Our databases are always actualised before we hand them over. If our client selects data before hand-over actualisation of all data of the selected batch will take place which makes it 100% fresh, all datas age being counted in hours.
Unlike our competition we are able to process even very difficult and challenging requests. Be it your need to get data about land, companies and executives connections, companies structure analysis or various other data and information we are here for you.
Also we guarantee 100% quality of data provided and lowest prices on the market per contact.

Database of company includes:

  • email
  • web
  • adress
  • phone contact
  • line of business
  • employee count
  • turn-over
  • manager names
  • corporates names
  • contacts for management
  • IČO
  • DIČ
  • foundation date

....and 23 more specifics to select from


Company database can serve to:

  • map the market
  • as a base for bussinessmen
  • database in CRM
  • for direct marketing campaigns (direkt marketing from IMPER CZ, s.r.o)
  • for telemerketing campaigns (telemarketing from IMPER CZ, s.r.o)
  • email campaigns


Please contact us for a free sample for your company - rychlá poptávka.


Demonstration of data available:


Only a basic data sample, we will gladly add more fields of your interest providing more contact persons, OKEC, more NACE older turn-overs and more...



We guarantee 99% rate of delivery to given adesses. We carefully filter undeliverable adresses and validate adress before hand-over along with frequent database actualisations.
Age of data provided will not exceed more than several work days before hand-over which gives us unique quality guarantees possibility.

We guarantees:

  • Delivery  of 99% of post adresses
  • Quality  we guarantee the data is relevant by the date of delivery
  • Age of data  provided to be maximum of 5 work days
  • Guarantee of lowest price in Czech republic  lowest price for up to date record

How to choose correct data:

It is very important to choose the key group. We offer a free consultation where we help you learn how to choose. We are also able to analyse your current customers add their turn-overs , employee numbers, contact persons update contacts and assess "typical customer". You can find more about data selection here: Jak vybrat správná data.





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