Company database

vernostChoose a list of companies exactly according to your demand. Input target group or what data you are interested in, we will create a database matching precisely your needs.

Our database contains information about all companies in the Czech Republic. All data are actualised in several days up to a maximum of one month. Every week we check for new subjects, companies who got into decline and many more changes. In total we monitor 37 specifics for each company.



Tradesmen database


Tradesmen database contains all tradesmen in Czech Republic. Many companies underestimate the buying power of tradesmen which might be the reason it makes them perfect target group.We have very good results in reaching tradesmen be it by post distribution or through our call centrum.

Choose a company database exactly according to your demand. Input target group or what data you are interested in and we will create a database matching precisely your needs.



Phone numbers database

High quality phone contacts database for all important companies in Czech Republic. Numbers are checked for minimalisation of unreachable or cancelled phone contacts etc.


Market analysis

p1Be leader - determine where market is going, developing and what is the potencial of the market. We ensure full informations for your survey about market. You can be developer or accountant company we can trace up for you how many companies in your fild is rising up.


Manager database


We provide contacts for key personnel in companies. Directors, IT managers, Quality managers, HR responsible, marketing , purchasing or sales. If you want to contact personnel on specific posts, you only need to contact us.


Specialised databases

If you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to contact us. Data you need and are convinced are are hard or impossible to get is our field of expertise. We are proud we helped many customers get data they were struggling to get for years and which helped them significantly improve their future results. Try us.




How to

Choosing the proper data is very important, success of your potentinal sales, project and business depends on which data you choose. Our interest is also to properly choose the final group. Because only the properly chosen and quality data can succeed and our long-term cooperation can be based only on success. Do not hesitate to consult with us in order to choose the proper data, be recommended of new opportunities or project the right way to hit your goals.

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