Database of companies of self-employees

We will set quality databases suitable for:

  • Business department
  • Marketing department
  • Sales support
  • Strategy of planning
  • Market overview
  • Analysis of potential customers
  • Analysis of competing business
  • Special Data Ports


The data are never older than a few days and selection is set accurately according to your needs. You pay only for fresh data, you need.

Why B2Bdata

We do not sell databases, but new clients, more sold products, higher sales. Our interests is not just to sell you a database, but create new selling channels, improve your business results. If we would make it work together, every 100CZK invested in us, could make you 3, 4, 5 hundred CZK or even more and you’ll buy our data again. Our main interest is your profit.


Age of data

We refresh our data bank regularly minimally once a month, but not only particularly, but complete amount of data, some parts are being refreshed several times a week. However, once you order your data, we do the research according to your request before the data are delivered. Only with us you have the insurance that the age of your data will not be older than a few days or hours (from order to delivery). Data are fresh and valid, comparing to databases on CD or DVD, which get old sooner than they get to you.


Contact us for calculation and a sample for you company for free - rychlá poptávka.



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