Tradesmen database


Tradesmen database contains all tradesmen in Czech Republic. Many companies underestimate the buying power of tradesmen which might be the reason it makes them perfect target group.We have very good results in reaching tradesmen be it by post distribution or through our call centrum.

Choose a company database exactly according to your demand. Input target group or what data you are interested in and we will create a database matching precisely your needs.


Why B2B data:

Our databases are always actualised before we hand them over. If our client selects data before hand-over actualisation of all data of the selected batch will take place which makes it 100% fresh, all datas age being counted in hours. Unlike our competition we are able to process even very difficult and challenging requests. Be it your need to get data about land, companies and executives connections, companies structure analysis or various other data and information we are here for you. Fast Inquiry ZDE.


Database of tradesmen includes:

  • tradesman name
  • email
  • web
  • adress
  • phone contact
  • line of bussiness
  • employee count
  • turn-over
  • IČO
  • DIČ
  • OKEČ
  • NACE
  • foundation date

..and more 26 fields to select from


Tradesmen database can serve to:

  • map the market
  • as a base for bussinessmen
  • direct service offer
  • CRM database
  • for direct marketing campaigns ( direct marketing from IMPER CZ)
  • for telemarketing campaigns ( tele marketing from IMPER CZ)
  • email campaigns


Kontaktujte nás for a calculation and a free sample for your company. Fast Inquiry ZDE.


How to

Choosing the proper data is very important, success of your potentinal sales, project and business depends on which data you choose. Our interest is also to properly choose the final group. Because only the properly chosen and quality data can succeed and our long-term cooperation can be based only on success. Do not hesitate to consult with us in order to choose the proper data, be recommended of new opportunities or project the right way to hit your goals.

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